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EUReKA fan site

Eureka ended its run after 5 seasons on Syfy.

Syfy's hit television series Eureka is the subject of this site. I'm a huge fan of Eureka and I watch every episode for the only reason that matters—I love the show, the characters, the stories, the fun. All of it!

Eureka—whomever might have thought incompetent genius would be so fun to watch, it sure wasn't me…. I couldn't have guessed how much I would love it!

Jack Carter holds his own, showing that deductive reasoning and plain ol' common sense smarts can compete with a high IQ and scientific brilliance any day of the week—most days of the week in fact.

Who doesn't love it when the underdog outsmarts the genius? I certainly enjoy it!

—Me, Avid EUReKA viewer & Jack Carter fan

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Eureka on DVD

The Eureka TV show is available on DVD!

Eureka Season 1, 2, 3, and 4 are available on DVD. If you've missed any episodes, this is your chance to catch up, commercial free, and own part of one of the best TV series around.

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Don't wait for the DVDs. Download the episodes and watch now. Episodes from season one, two, three, and four are available for download or online viewing.

About the show

Eureka is a Syfy channel original series.

Eureka tells the story of Sheriff Jack Carter and his daughter living in a secret town made up of the world's genuises. Incompetence reins as experiments go awry, technology fails, and secrets, amazingly, often uncover themselves.

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