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Will There Ever Be a Stargate Universe Movie?

There’s been talk of a Stargate Universe movie ever since the show was abruptly canceled at the end of its 2nd season run. But as with Stargate Atlantis, the likelihood of a movie is, well, not very likely. According to most everyone involved, a movie isn’t out of the question at some point in the future, but not yet, not now, and not likely.

Any more depressing questions?

As a fan of SGU, I want to see some resolution for the crew of Destiny. I want this chapter of the Stargate epic to reach its conclusion, even if that conclusion doesn’t get to span multiple episodes. A movie would fill that bill just fine thank you.

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Stargate Universe Complete Final Season DVD Review

Fans of Stargate Universe are likely to want to buy the Complete Final Season DVD set (Season 2) for their collection, just to watch the special features and listen to the commentary, although having the ability to watch commercial free episodes of the series anytime is also a great reason to buy.

Stargate Universe DVD

Stargate Universe: The Complete Final Season

Season 2, the final season of Stargate Universe, showed a distinct growth in story and character for the series. Each episode showed how far the series had come since the beginning. Although retaining many of the character driven aspects, the writers of the show made leaps in how they integrated those character moments into a broader range of episode types and incorporated more story driven action adventure elements that made watching much more fun and exciting.

Since the beginning, the SGU series has grown into something worth spending your time on, something you could watch and enjoy and rewatch for pleasure.

There are plenty of good reasons why you should buy the SGU season 2 on DVD, including the simple reason that it’s a good collection of episodes of one of the best science fiction franchises to ever grace a television screen.

Other reasons include a great number of special features and commentaries for every episode (see below for a detailed list), guest appearances from SG-1 and Atlantis characters, an excellent selection of action-adventure episodes and episodes where we finally really begin to connect with the people of Destiny, and compelling story arcs that make watching season 2 a real joy.

The special features / extras included in the Stargate Universe DVD set range from informational and interesting to humorous and fun.

DVD Special Features and Episode Commentary

Disc 1 Extras


Disc 2 Extras


Disc 3 Extras

Deconstructing Destiny


Disc 4 Extras


Disc 5 Extras


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For a complete episode list for the entire series, see the SGU episode list.

Stargate Universe Series Wrap Up

I can honestly say that I’ll miss Stargate Universe more than any other cancelled show on television since Stargate Atlantis. The Good Guys is one notable exception, but that show isn’t science fiction and it isn’t drama. Of all the science fiction series I became enamored of, the Stargate franchise has been the one that truly captured my heart.

I began watching Stargate when it came on Syfy. Stargate SG-1 played in 4 hour blocks on Monday nights and I watched until I had seen every episode. Stargate SG-1 began airing season 6 and I was hooked. When Stargate Atlantis began, I wasn’t that thrilled with it, but then, before I knew it, I loved it just as much.

For me, my love for Stargate Universe followed a similar path. At first, I wasn’t that happy with the series. It wasn’t SG-1 or Atlantis, and frankly, I found some of the earlier episodes tedious to watch. Then, near the end of season 1, after I had almost decided not to watch anymore at all, the magic started to happen. The series developed its own mythology and I began to get into the characters and the plots.

Season 2 really improved, although I wondered for a while if it was going to hold, because there were some not-quite-as-interesting episodes in the early part of season 2. But then the mid-point of the season arrived and the quality of the season’s episodes just kept climbing.

When I look back over the series as a whole, I think of the interesting plot threads that started to develop really well in season 2. Although season 1 had several interesting elements with the Lucian Alliance, the season 2 plots were more intricate and interesting, as were the characters.

It is easy to see that the series could have continued into many more seasons of great entertainment, furthering the Stargate universe. It’s really too bad the series was cut short.

Watch Stargate Universe from the beginning…

Gauntlet, Episode 2.20

Ending the series on a bittersweet note, Gauntlet gives us an opportunity to see how far these people have come from unhappy, scared strangers to something akin to a family. The episode gives us a bit of closure without really ending anything.

Here’s a link to the episode download: Gauntlet

I had my own issues with this series from the very beginning, but here, in season 2, the show really took on a life of its own and became something great. The characters developed, the plot thickened, and the series deepened into an interesting, exciting adventure series with entertaining characters.

Sadly, it was too late to save the show from cancellation, but with Gauntlet, we are at least left with the knowledge that the trip continues. Whether now, or in the future.

If another season had come about, or if a movie were to be developed, we would have gotten our answers to the questions left for us in this episode. Until then, may Stargate Universe and all Stargate live on in the minds of us fans…

Click here to watch Gauntlet

Blockade, Episode 2.19

Blockade was a tense, exciting episode that kept me wondering what would happen to these people as we approached the end of the season.

Here’s a link to the episode download: Blockade

What I liked about this episode was the continuation of the plot threads from Epilogue and Common Descent. We begin to see how these people are dealing with the knowledge they gained from historical records from Novus.

It was also really great to see how the descendants had continued their civilization and to note the impact of the drones on these worlds. It leaves us wondering what happened to the other colonies that had been started by those descendants from the other Destiny and if the drones have in fact wiped out their entire existence. Although we don’t get any answers, the questions are intriguing enough to be entertaining and to keep me wondering for a long time after the end of these last two episodes about what might have been.

Click here to watch Blockade

Epilogue, Episode 2.18

The thing I loved about this episode was the "what-if" scenarios that played out on Novus. The impact of knowing the choices they made on that planet could be seen in the faces of everyone aboard Destiny that we had a chance to witness seeing their alternate history.

Here’s a link to the episode download: Epilogue

Bittersweet, lovely, and powerful are just a few of the words I would associate with this Stargate Universe episode, Epilogue, and yes, maybe it would have been a great ending for the series had the writers known Stargate Universe wouldn’t be coming back for a third season.

It was such a great episode that it left me more sad than ever that the show won’t continue. These latest episodes have brought a lot of great character moments mixed with plenty of forward momentum for the stories. Characters in action do show more than any brooding, talking, pouring-your-heart-out chats could ever tell us about the people on the ship. Those days seem long past now, when every episode presents the kind of challenges to these people that bring them to life.

I’m looking forward to watching the next episode. I would love to see Epilogue have ongoing consequences for the Destiny crew. With the series end so close, though, I’m not holding out much hope that we’ll see many answers to the questions the episode raised for me.

Click here to watch Epilogue

Common Descent, Episode 2.17

This episode had a lot going for it. Plenty of action, some moral dilemma, leaders and followers who actually seemed to care about the hard decisions they would be making.

Here’s a link to the episode download: Common Descent

I really feel like Stargate Universe turned a corner this season, and it’s so sad to realize the show won’t be coming back after these last few episodes have aired. THIS is the program I would have watched from the beginning with enthusiasm and excitement, the show I would have encouraged everyone I know to watch. Common Descent reminded me a lot of the older Stargate SG-1 episodes I’ve always loved.

Common Descent leaves us with many interesting questions that I’m anxious to see explored in the next episode.

I’m actually very excited about the next episode and for SGU, that’s actually a bit different for me. I started out a fan. I went through a tough adjustment period but kept trying to watch. I gave up for a while, but came back, because I truly enjoy the world of Stargate. It’s one of my favorite fictional universes ever created for TV.

I have finally found the truly great things about this show, but it’s too late. If only the writers had been this good at combining the action adventure and character drama back when the series started. We had hints that the show could be great, with episodes like Time in the first season, but it took too long to get there.

Character conflicts and characters flaws do not have to make characters unlikeable, but that was the unfortunate fallout of the writing and editing choices for far too long. Now that the characters have turned a corner and become better than they were, it’s too late for the show.

Click here to watch Common Descent

The Hunt, Episode 2.16

So, I just watched The Hunt, and it was another great episode of Stargate Universe, making the back half of season 2 so much stronger than most of the episodes of the previous season that I can’t even begin to measure the difference. Rush is brilliant and even Greer didn’t annoy me, and that’s saying a lot. His character has grown quite a bit on me.

Here’s a link to the episode download: The Hunt

I appreciated TJ’s strength of character in deciding to stay with Reynolds and really liked the chance to see more of Varro. He’s a character I really like. He’s also more in line with the characters of old Stargate, somewhat shady but with a great backstory that makes his desire to be part of the Destiny crew now so much more intriguing and watchable.

Greer has many shining moments in The Hunt. He showed the most human part of himself and I felt much more than just ambivalence about him this time around. I actually enjoyed his story in this episode.

[The actor also starred in The Tracker from Stargate Atlantis in season 5.]

Click here to watch The Hunt

Seizure, Episode 2.15

Just finished watching Seizure, and it was great. I enjoyed the episode tremendously.

Here’s a link to the episode download: Seizure

I thought the concurrent stories within the episode worked well together and kept up the excitement levels and my interest. I also thought the Rush/Amanda story was touching and sweet. I’m looking forward to the next episode I have recorded, The Hunt, which was from last week, but hey, that what happens when you’re a TV addict who follows entirely too many series to keep up with them all in real time.

Truthfully, how I wish the earlier season and the earlier episodes could have had the strength of these later ones. Maybe then, Stargate Universe would not have been cancelled and I wouldn’t be dreading the days when Stargate is nothing but reruns.

Click here to watch Seizure

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