The Lameness of “I Care a Lot”

The first few scenes of Netflix’s I Care a Lot felt like a set up for a perfect payoff, and I admit, I was hooked from the start.

And then the rest of the movie happened. By the halfway point, I had lost all hope for the kind of ending I’d gone into this movie wanting.

I wanted revenge for the elderly and their families. I wanted to see Marla brought down, and if not made to see the error of her ways, at least made to suffer for being a total amoral asshole. Boy, did this movie fail to deliver.

Honestly, what I was hoping for was an antagonist who would get the best of this woman, after she picked a target for her grifting who could fight back (or had someone capable of fighting back). What I got was the worst sort of antihero—one I hated from start to finish.

I think the reason I bothered to write this review is because of just how let down I felt when I’d finished the movie. I Care a Lot had a great beginning. It was the rest of the movie that sucked.

By Terescia

Small town girl who loves TV more than movies, books more than TV, and family more than everything.