Those Poor Magicians

It’s takes a really special kind of fuck up to mess up so bad that I dig up significant producer credits on a show and mark every one of those people’s shows off my list of stuff to watch forever.

Sera Gamble

This one’s not so hard. I’ll be keeping an eye out for her name in the credits for a long time to come, trust me. Because I sure can’t trust her, especially after this season of The Magicians (season four) and after reading some of her interview quotes about the big death at the end (the other guys either, to be honest, but here’s the first).

  • I was two episodes in on YOU on Netflix. Goodbye.
  • Never liked Supernatural anyway.
  • Never watched Aquarius. Definitely won’t now.
  • Never even heard of Company Town.

John McNamara

Not difficult at all. The only thing on his list of credits that I even half liked was Common Law. I actually liked it a lot, but it’s long gone. I haven’t even seen repeats around for it. The rest of this stuff was never to my taste anyway. Should have been a clue?

Henry Alonso Myers

This one’s a little sad, but barely. I liked Chuck. Then again, it sucked at the end, but it doesn’t look like he had anything to do with that, so who knows? Nothing else he produced ever drew me in so I won’t be sad about avoiding the rest of his shows either.

I don’t read books by authors I already know I don’t like either, so there.

Goodbye Sera Gamble, John McNamara, and Henry Alonso Myers.

I prefer to watch shows I can trust. Three seasons in on The Magicians and I really thought I did trust you guys as storytellers. And then in season four I found out you were running a long con on me.

Not sticking around for more. Thanks.

(So glad I hadn’t gotten around to buying the DVDs I’d planned to add to my collection. Thank you for small favors. Definitely wish at this point that I’d saved my money on the season four episodes from Amazon and waited for the show to hit Netflix where I watched the rest of the episodes. Hindsight is like that, though. Sigh. Just imagine, I could’ve watched the newest season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine with that money instead.)