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My twitter address: @terescia. The feed is pretty boring, and really, I consider my twitter account a way to pass the time when I’m bored.

Favorite TV: Psych. Still miss that show something fierce. Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, oh, how I miss thee. Hawaii Five-0. :D I’m waiting impatiently for the next new thing to catch my eye, but so far, nothing has won out against my old favorites. :)

New fan of foreign TV: My list at MyDramaList.

My favorite foreign shows: Love and Redemption, Flower of Evil, Psychopath Diary, Marriage Not Dating, Mr. Queen, Secrets in the Hot Spring (my favorite movie). There’s just so much fun TV that I’ve haven’t seen. :-) I’m currently learning Chinese and Korean just so I can someday watch TV without subtitles.

Favorite food: sweets! chocolates! apples! watermelon! ;)

Favorite book: depends on the year, the day, even the time of day. The five books of The Belgariad are always up there somewhere. And so is Ravished and The Magic Engineer. The Martian. The Cloud Roads.

I’m on Goodreads, although not very active, and I take the 2 star = “It’s okay” rating seriously. 2 star books are “okay” reads. 5 star books are OMG amazing and I reread them regularly. 4 star books are likely to be re-read and 3 star books are somewhat average but good books. Reality dictates that most books fall into this range. Blame the bell curve.

There’s more than just the blog and main site: here’s a link to what else you’ll find here (the old homepage).